A moving jam: a series of collaborative performances at sites along the route of the deleted Glamorganshire canal. The plan is to do some sort of event in a different location along the ghost canal each month for the coming astrological year, starting on Sunday 19th of March, Spring Equinox, in the fire of Aries in the house of Mars at the blast furnace of the Cyfarthfa ironworks in Merthyr, and ending at the site of Sea Lock in Cardiff Bay where the canal enters the sea. The performances each month could take different forms, sometimes being poetry readings, sometimes small-scale rituals, walks, conversations, get-togethers, writing games.

For more information see the website

Ghost Jam

Ghost Jam is a series of multimedia performance poetry events organised by Lyndon Davies and Penny Hallas, featuring poetry, movement, music, sound-manipulation and film.

Ghost Jam 5, London, 27/10/17

Ghost Jam 2, Cardiff, 2016

I’ve been involved in many various Ghost Jams, mainly working with audio sampling and cut-ups using the sound recorder app on my mobile phone, portable speaker and traffic cone. For Ghost Jam 3 and Ghost Jam 4&5 I also made audio collages after the event using samples recorded and cut up during the performance. Ghost Jams in which I’ve participated include:

  • Ghost Jam 1, Crickhowell, 4/10/15 (watch video)
  • Ghost Jam 2, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 2016
  • Ghost Jam 3, Dempseys, Cardiff, 13/11/16 (watch video / listen to audio collage)
  • Ghost Jam 4, Centre for Myth Studies, University of Essex, 27/10/17
  • Ghost Jam 5, Centre 151, London, 27/10/17 (watch video / listen to audio collage)

The Other Room

Castle Hotel, Manchester 21/2/17 – FREE

Reading sections of Canalchemy and Ilan, then collaborative remix with Rhys Trimble: White City Automatic

Watch video



Landscaping Change

Bath Spa University 31/3/16

Conference paper on ‘The White City: A Participatory Sensing Expedition

The Big Democracy Project

Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, 19/3/16

with Chris Paul


Think of the reasons why you feel bad when you wake up in the morning. If you could change anything about the world what would it be? In this participatory performance, you will enter a parallel universe where past and present versions of Cardiff Bay overlap: contemporary commercial sheen superimposed on the old colonial locus. As clerks of the Bute Dock Company, we propose to set up a temporary public hot-desk in our Gothic headquarters of this outpost of the Empire in order to harvest dreams. For one day only, the Company has granted us this rare opportunity to change Wales, the world and our lives. Drawing on fairground shyster tactics the performance plays with notions of futility and failure in the current democratic situation in Wales. Within the dystopian setting, there is an offer of a micro-utopian possibility of hope. When you leave today, you may well find the Bay and Wales itself to have changed… if certain conditions are met.

Read pdf: bute-docks

Ponty Solstice – Alban Arthan

Sunday 20th of December 2015

Photo by Angela Rees

Photo by Angela Rees

Photo by Nia Davies

Photo by Nia Davies

Winter Solstice at The Rocking Stone, Pontypridd

A gorsedd of bards featuring performances and readings from Steven Hitchins, Rhys Trimble, Suze de Lee, Lyndon Davies, Nia Davies, Chris Paul and Wanda O’Connor.

Watch video clips

Crickhowell Literary Festival

Sunday 4th of October

flyer for crickfest_2 edited-1Ghost Jam flyer_edited-2

An evening with Aquifer Books:

7.30-9pm at the Parish Hall, Church Lane, Crickhowell – £5

Phil Maillard, Steven Hitchins, Rhys Trimble, Chris Torrance, Graham Hartill and Lyndon Davies

Ghost Jam:

3.30pm in The Scout Hall, Castle Road, Crickhowell, NP8 1AP – FREE.

An experimental semi-improvised rehearsal for a collaborative performance using poetry, film, movement, music and recorded sound, with Allen Fisher, Tilla Brading, Camilla Nelson, Rhys Trimble, Wanda O-Connor, Steven Hitchins, Graham Hartill, Penny Hallas, John Goodby, Lyndon Davies and Emma Lewis-Jones.

Translating the Coal Forests launch

Poetry Book Fair

Free Verse: The Poetry Book Fair, Saturday 26th of September 2015

We will have a book stall at Conway Hall throughout the day

Then will be reading at the evening do: The Square Pig & Pen, across Red Lion Square, diagonally opposite Conway Hall, WC1V 6NX, 4.30pm till late

The Literary Pocket Book & Singing Apple Press
Multi-dimensional collaborative translations 

Singing Apple Press & The Literary Pocket Book launch Translating the Coal Forests: strata from the textual petrifaction of a coal-swamp-deteriorated coal text intersect and diverge in performative translation. Steven Hitchins & Camilla Nelson perform multi-dimensional paper interfaces, (in)edible poetries and live plant readings from their respective small presses, with guest performances from John Maher and Linus Slug.

White City launch

aber-white-city-launch.2docTuesday 9th of June 2015 8pm, FREE

Hen & Chickens, Flannel Street, Abergavenny

Gelynion: a Welsh Enemies project / Enemies Cymru

Gelynion in London: June Friday 5th 2015

June Friday 5th, 7.30pm FREE

The Rich Mix Arts Centre, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch/Bethnal Green

I collaborated with David Berridge; Rhys Trimble accompanied us on the staff. Watch video.

Other collaborations include: Nia Davies, Zoë Skoulding, Eurig Salisbury, Joe Dunthorne, SJ Fowler & Rhys Trimble. Amy Key & Alex MacDonald, Sharon Morris & Sampurna Chatterji, Wanda O’Connor & Amy McCauley, Cris Paul & Josh Robinson, Siôn Aled & Sian Northey.

Gelynion in Cardiff: May Tuesday 20th 2015

Enemies/Gelynion, Cardiff

Enemies/Gelynion, Cardiff

May Wed 20th, 7pm FREE
The Abacus Rooms, 18-20 St David’s House, Wood St, Cardiff, CF10 1ER
Performance with Camilla Nelson, presenting our collaborative project Translating the Coal Forests.

Other collaborations include Joe Dunthorne & Nia Davies / Eurig Salisbury & Rhys Trimble / SJ Fowler & Zoë Skoulding  / Wanda O’Connor & Peter Finch / Kevin Mills & Damian Walford Davies / Emily Blewitt & Rebecca Parfitt / David Greenslade & Richard Gwyn / Llyr Gwyn Lewis & clare e. potter.

Read Steven Fowler’s blog on the event.

Vocal Vertebra #1: Experimental Poetry microfestival

29th of May, 19.30 – FREE

Recital Room 167, Richard Hoggart Building,Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London. SE14 6NW

Hosted by Goldsmiths’ Sound Practice Research and presenting works in sound, performance and multimedia poetry. Developed in Writers Forum Workshop, Vocal Vertebra is a one-night festival that celebrates the lexicon of the body. The gestures, movements and uses of the tongue, of the palms, the teeth, the chest, etc. Articulations that shape an interaction of a body both with its outside and its inside, providing the basis for an articulation of its subjectivity and its objectivity.

We will be launching LPBmicro#8: ‘Amoeba’ by Zuzana Husárová and Olga Pek, a multimedia poetry performance that explores individuality, binarity, generativity and affective force, mixing them in a cocktail of biological, philosophical, feminist and futuristic fragments that span antiquity to the present and beyond. Protean as an amoeba, it oscillates between technopoesis, sound manipulation and lyrical (t)hereness.

I will also be performing with Camilla Nelson, presenting our collaborative project Translating the Coal Forests, investigating the evolution of the Welsh coal forests and relationships between text and environment. Pages of photographed text were left to deteriorate in a coalfield swamp and the decayed remnants translated using OCR text recognition programs and the imagination: a petrifaction process echoing the fossilisation of prehistoric plants in the coal measures of South Wales.

Other performances include poet, graphic artist, sound artist and curator Laurence Upton, and Gregorio Fonten, who works with field recording, sound and visual poetry, songwriting and generative/algorithmic computer design for audio and video.

Cardiff Poetry Experiment

Cardiff Poetry Experiment

Friday 13th March 2015
Butetown History and Arts Centre

with Nia Davies and Kate North

North Wales International Poetry Festival

1st -24th October 2014

The third annual North Wales International Poetry Festival presents the Bangor Poetry Season, a series of readings and performances running throughout October 2014. Events will take place in Bangor University and at venues around the town, including Bangor Pier and shops on the High Street. International poets will perform with translation alongside Welsh writers in both languages, creating new contexts for some of the most exciting voices in contemporary poetry from Serbia, Poland, China, Cuba, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Friday 24th October – Red Light Amoeba: Multimedia Poetry 

7.30pm Blue Sky Café, Bangor
Olga Pek (Czech Republic), Zuzana Husarova (Slovakia) and Amoeba Twins
with Steven Hitchins (Wales)

A night of international film, performance and experimental poetry.

Olga Pek (Czech Republic), Zuzana Husarova (Slovakia): Amoeba Twins

When an amoeba divides in two, does it stop existing? This performance explores individuality, binarity, generativity and affective force, mixing them in a cocktail of biological, philosophical, feminist and futuristic fragments that span antiquity to the present and beyond. Protean as an amoeba, it oscillates between technopoesis, sound manipulation and lyrical (t)hereness.

Steven Hitchins (Wales): Red Light Radio

A reading from Steven Hitchin’s book Real Radio (Gwasg CAD Press, 2014), which documents a car journey from Pontypridd to Bangor in 2013, will be accompanied by a short film that uses traffic lights to generate a pop music jukebox.

Watch video of the reading here. Watch Red Light Radio film here.


Red Light Amoeba: multimedia poetry at the Blue Sky Café, Bangor

Poetry Wales 50th Volume Celebration

Thursday 25th September 2014, 7pm 
Upstairs in the gallery at Jacob’s antiques
Free, but please RSVP by emailing

Poetry Wales was founded in 1965 and has been publishing poetry and criticism from Wales and beyond for nearly 50 years. This summer marked the publication of the first issue of the 50th Volume – also the first to be edited by Nia Davies. To mark a long history and a new chapter, there’s a celebratory event in Cardiff this September.

There will be performances from a variety of poets: Rhian Edwards, D E Oprava, Kevin Mills, Damian Walford Davies, Jonathan Edwards, Emily Blewitt,  Steven Hitchins, plus others to be confirmed.

Bosch Harvest Festival

Bosch Harvest Festival at the Barnabas Arts House, Newport, Sept 27-28th.

A two day extravaganza to celebrate the end of summer and  attaining the fruits of our labour. Late modern poetry, alt music/free improv, performance art, and experimental film.

Tickets £6 and cover entry for both evenings.

In Other Words


an exhibition exploring the future of language

curated by Rowan Lear for Bath Fringe Festival 24 May – 9 June 2013

My text message poems will be part of the Saturday 1st of June day of performances.

Listen to recording here.

2013-06-01 13.43.55

‘microtopias’ performance at Fringe Arts Bath

Nomadic and Processual Poetics: A Symposium with Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher

9am-5pm Saturday May 18th 2013

This one-day symposium is organised by Contempo, the Centre for Contemporary Poetry which is run jointly by Aberystwyth, Bangor, and Brighton Universities.

It will consider the scope and applicability of the ideas of Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher and related poetics, including issues of translation and place-specific writing, in the light of the archipelagic World-and-UK context of the many ‘devolved voices’ of contemporary poetry.

A nomadic poetics is … always changing, morphing, moving through languages, cultures, terrains, times without stopping. Refuelling halts are called poases, they last a night or a day, the time of a poem, & then move on. A nomadic poetics needs mindfulness in & of the drift (dérive) – there is no at-homeness here, but only an ever more displaced drifting. For the language to be accurate to the condition of nomadicity, it too has to be drifting, to be always ‘on the way’, as Celan puts it.

Pierre Joris, Notes Towards a Nomadic Poetics.

The new works . . . include objects and processes, process-showings and methodologies in a world of multiple possibilities that is . . . complementing the political arena, without being its voice. . . . It is a requirement of this art that . . . the poetry is always ‘yet to be found’ in the process of its making, and that making continues to take place through the physiology of the reader.

Allen Fisher, The Topological Shovel, Four Essays.

Confirmed contributors include Pierre Joris, Allen Fisher, Jean Portante, Mandy Bloomfield, Ian Davidson, Steven Hitchins, Peter Barry and Zoë Skoulding.

Hay Poetry Jamboree 2012

11-12 am Friday June 8th

Oriel Contemporary Arts, Salem Chapel, Bell Bank, Hay on Wye

Listen to recording part one & part two

Poets Live

Jean Portante, Zoë Skoulding, Lyndon Davies, Steven Hitchins, Rhys Trimble

7pm Wednesday 11th April 2012

Carr’s, 1 rue Mont Thabor, M Tuileries / Concorde / Pyramides, Paris

An evening of readings to celebrate the international quarterly Poetry Wales, with editor Zoë Skoulding and contributors to the magazine from Wales and Paris.

Jean Portante was born in Differdange (Luxembourg) in 1950. He is of Italian origin and lives in Paris. He has written widely-translated novels, stories, plays and poetry, published in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Québec, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Argentina and Colombia. He has translated numerous poets into French, including Juan Gelman, Jerome Rothenberg, Pierre Joris, John Deane, Gonzalo Rojas and Maria Luisa Spaziani.

In 2003 his book L’Etrange langue was given the Mallarmé award in France, and in the same year he won the French Grand Prix d’Automne de la Société des Gens de Lettres for his life’s work. In 2011 he was awarded the Batty Weber Prize in Luxembourg and in 2012 the Fondane Prize in Paris. His selected poems, La Cendre des mots. is published by Editions le Castor Astral (2005) His latest books are Le Travail du poumon (Editions Le Castor Astral, 2006), Je veux dire, (Editions Estuaires, 2007); En réalité, (Editions Phi, 2008), and La réinvention de l’oubli (Editions le Castor Astral, June 2010). As a novelist, his works include Mrs Haroy ou la mémoire de la baleine, which is widely translated.

Since 2006, Jean Portante has been a member of the Académie Mallarmé. In 2008, he founded, in France, with poet Jacques Darras, the poetry magazine Inuits dans la jungle, while in Luxembourg he edits the literary magazine Transkrit.

Zoë Skoulding’s most recent collections of poems are Remains of a Future City (Seren, 2008), long-listed for Wales Book of the Year 2009, and The Mirror Trade (Seren, 2004). Her collaborative work includes Dark Wires with poet Ian Davidson (West House Books, 2007), From Here, with images by Simonetta Moro (Dusie, 2008) and You Will Live in Your Own Cathedral with sound by Alan Holmes (LAF-Seren, 2009). She is a member of the group Parking Non-Stop, whose album Species Corridor was released by Klangbad in 2008. She lectures at Bangor University and has been Editor of the international quarterly Poetry Wales since 2008.

Lyndon Davies is a poet, reviewer and essayist living in Powys. He has published two collections of poetry, Hyphasis (Parthian Press 2006) and Shield (Parthian Press 2010) . His poems and critical articles have appeared in various magazines, as well as in the anthologies Poetry Wales forty years (Seren 2005) and The Pterodactyl’s Wing (Parthian 2003). With poet Graham Hartill he runs the Glasfryn Seminars, a series of discussion groups on aspects of literature. He is also a co-organiser, with poet John Goodby of the yearly festival of innovative poetry The Hay Poetry Jamboree.

Steven Hitchins is a poet from the South Wales valleys: born in Abercynon, currently living in Pontypridd.  He tries to map these urban-rural, industrial-pastoral borderzones through collage and walking.  His poetry has appeared in Poetry Wales, Fire and Chimera.  His article ‘Poetry: Music: Space’ is in Junction Box issue 2.  He occasionally edits the small press/little magazine/blog, The Literary Pocket Book, from which his homemade pamphlets The Basin and Palisade Winters are available.

Rhys Trimble is a bilingual poet, improvisational performer and editor from Bethesda and Pontneddfechan. He is interested in heterglossic, psychogeographic, mythic and radical pastoral poetry. Rhys is published widely, including in Angel Exhaust, Poetry Wales, Skald, Tears in the Fence, Aesthetica, Seventh Quarry and elsewhere. He was a John Tripp finalist in 2009 and winner of the Cinnamon Press Collection Competition. Recent publications include Keinc (Cinnamon Press 2010) and Mynydd (Hafan 2012).

ContemPo: Centre for Contemporary Poetry

‘Petrol Voices and Pearly Puddles: Notions of collage and place in the making of an urban sequence’,

Contempo Series, Aberystwyth University (with video link to Bangor University and Bristol University),

22nd of February 2011

PowerPoint: Steven Hitchins Contempo Powerpoint


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