A moving jam: a series of collaborative performances at sites along the route of the deleted Glamorganshire canal. The plan was to do some sort of event in a different location along the canal each month for the coming astrological year, starting on Sunday 19th of March, Spring Equinox, in the fire of Aries in the house of Mars at the blast furnace of the Cyfarthfa ironworks in Merthyr, and ending at the site of Sea Lock in Cardiff Bay where the canal enters the sea. The performances each month could take different forms, sometimes being poetry readings, sometimes small-scale rituals, walks, conversations, get-togethers, writing games.

The sequence begins at Cyfarthfa ironworks, where the remains of a blast furnace still stands like a giant alchemical alembic at the head of the ghost canal. Other relics of industrial-scale alchemy are dotted along the wound of the canal through Aberfan, Quakers Yard, Abercynon, Pontypridd, Rhydyfelin, Nantgarw, Melingriffith. The canal then ends in Cardiff Bay where Canal Park shows the route of the canal towards Sea Lock which lies beneath the A4232 road bridge.

Some poems from Canalchemy have appeared in the following publications:

For more information see the Canalchemy website


Ghost Jam

Ghost Jam is a series of multimedia performance poetry events organised by Lyndon Davies and Penny Hallas, featuring poetry, movement, music, sound-manipulation and film.

Ghost Jam 5, London, 27/10/17

Ghost Jam 2, Cardiff, 2016

I’ve been involved in many various Ghost Jams, mainly working with audio sampling and cut-ups using the sound recorder app on my mobile phone, portable speaker and traffic cone. For Ghost Jam 3 and Ghost Jam 4&5 I also made audio collages after the event using samples recorded and cut up during the performance. Ghost Jams in which I’ve participated include:

  • Ghost Jam 1, Crickhowell, 4/10/15 (watch video)
  • Ghost Jam 2, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 2016
  • Ghost Jam 3, Dempseys, Cardiff, 13/11/16 (watch video / listen to audio collage)
  • Ghost Jam 4, Centre for Myth Studies, University of Essex, 27/10/17
  • Ghost Jam 5, Centre 151, London, 27/10/17 (watch video / listen to audio collage)


The Other Room

Castle Hotel, Manchester 21/2/17

Readings from Canalchemy and Ilan followed by collaborative performance with Rhys Trimble: White City Automatic.


The Big Democracy Project


Participatory performance with Chris Paul, Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, 19/3/16

Think of the reasons why you feel bad when you wake up in the morning. If you could change anything about the world what would it be? In this participatory performance, you will enter a parallel universe where past and present versions of Cardiff Bay overlap: contemporary commercial sheen superimposed on the old colonial locus. As clerks of the Bute Dock Company, we propose to set up a temporary public hot-desk in our Gothic headquarters of this outpost of the Empire in order to harvest dreams. For one day only, the Company has granted us this rare opportunity to change Wales, the world and our lives. Drawing on fairground shyster tactics the performance plays with notions of futility and failure in the current democratic situation in Wales. Within the dystopian setting, there is an offer of a micro-utopian possibility of hope. When you leave today, you may well find the Bay and Wales itself to have changed… if certain conditions are met.


Ponty Solstice – Alban Arthan

Winter Solstice at The Rocking Stone, Pontypridd, Sunday 20th of December 2015

Photo by Angela Rees

Photo by Angela Rees

A gorsedd of bards featuring performances and readings from Steven Hitchins, Rhys Trimble, Suze de Lee, Lyndon Davies, Nia Davies, Chris Paul and Wanda O’Connor.

Photo by Nia Davies

Photo by Nia Davies


Winter Texts

Collaborative reading with John Maher, at Free Verse: The Poetry Book Fair, London (26/9/15)

Translating the Coal Forests

Performance with Camilla Nelson at Gelynion/Enemies in Cardiff (20/5/15), presenting our collaborative project Translating the Coal Forests: strata from the textual petrifaction of a coal-swamp-deteriorated coal text intersect and diverge in performative translation.

Collaborative performance with David Berridge at Gelynion in London (5/6/15), with stick & backing vocals from Rhys Trimble.


Red Light Radio / Real Radio

North Wales International Poetry Festival (24/10/14)

with Amoeba Twins: Olga Pek (Czech Republic) and Zuzana Husarova (Slovakia)


I read from Real Radio (Gwasg CAD Press, 2014), which documents a car journey from Pontypridd to Bangor in 2013, accompanied by my short film Red Light Radio, which uses traffic lights to generate a pop music jukebox.

  • Watch video of the reading here
  • Watch Red Light Radio film here


2013-06-01 13.43.55

Participatory multimedia performance at In Other Words: an exhibition exploring the future of language. Curated by Rowan Lear for Bath Fringe Festival (24 May – 9 June 2013)


Orphic Orange Cake


Orpheus / Eurydice Day, Glasfryn, Llangattock (23/3/13)

For this day of talks, performances and films, I made an Orphic Orange Cake and brought paper napkins covered in texts relating to Apollinaire and Orphism.


Hay Poetry Jamboree 2012

2012-06-08 Hay - Steven Hitchins

Readings from Bitch Dust at the Hay Poetry Jamboree, Hay-on-Wye (8/6/12).

‘Petrol Voices and Pearly Puddles: Notions of collage and place in the making of an urban sequence’

Contempo Series, Aberystwyth University (22/2/11)





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