Literary Pocket Book

Chris Paul – Commutations

A 13 part aria in 12 parts written on the Valleys Line between Llanbradach and Cardiff between the hours of 7.37am and 8.21am, weekdays, over the short summer July and August 2016.

Stephen Emmerson and Chris Stephenson – WHO

A list of 1,000 fictional names printed as an accordion over 2 metres long when unfolded.

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Nia Davies – Key Blank


Diary collages in a stitched transparent accordion with mirror cover and an actual key-blank sewn into the central page.

Allen Fisher – Ideas on the culture dreamed of

First published by Spanner Editions in 1983, Ideas on the culture dreamed of provides a glossary for the work Defamiliarising_____* and develops the list of jazz dances used as titles in Gravity as a consequence of shape. The book is composed of alphabetised entries on issues of perception, memory and the vocabularies of physics, many of which were included in the initial chapbook publications of Gravity…. Pulling together broad-ranging research in bitesized definitions of the project’s key terms, such as collage, chreod, acuity, plasma, quasars, red shift and singularity, the text complements and enhances the reading of Gravity as a consequence of shape, as well as Defamiliarising____* and other works underway when that project was initiated.

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Giles Goodland – from The Masses

Selected prose blocks from a longer sequence about the insect kingdom. From the ‘tanglage’ of a cybernetic Hopkins or Joyce scrapmetal flies and robotic daddy-longlegses ‘whirlwing’, ‘stiltstand’ and ‘semiskim’ through cafes and bedrooms. Presented in a limbed shell of metallic card with flower-folds of pearlescent paper and insect collages by Rhys Trimble.


Zuzana Husárová and Olga Pek – Amoeba

Eighth in the LPBmicro series is Zuzana Husárová and Olga Pek‘s Amoeba. When an amoeba divides in two, does it stop existing? This collaborative sequence explores individuality, binarity, generativity and affective force, mixing them in a cocktail of biological, philosophical, feminist and futuristic fragments that span antiquity to the present and beyond. Protean as an amoeba, it oscillates between technopoesis, sound manipulation and lyrical (t)hereness. Presented here as a ball-like book made of transparent vellum paper. Images by L’ubomír Panák.

My review of Olga Pek and Zuzana Husarova’s performance piece ‘Amoeba’ at the North Wales International Poetry Festival 2014 is in Wales Arts Review 3.24: The End of Year Special (Dec, 2014).


David Berridge – Seventy Five Poems

Seventh in the LPBmicro series, David Berridge‘s Seventy Five Poems uses the accordion-fold format to explore the idea of a life=75 poems, whether the poems should all be written now or added one a year, and where in the poem reader breaks and arranges the poems and lines in reading the accordion book. Cover image by James Green.


Elisabeth Bletsoe – Birds of the Sherborne Missal X-XIII

Sixth in the LPBmicro series. Four haibun from Elisabeth Bletsoe‘s Birds of the Sherborne Missal sequence, accompanied by three illustrations by Frances Hatch. Printed on miniature fold-out squares of handmade parchment paper.


David Greenslade – Festival Cuisine

Third in the LPBmicro series. A sequence of 29 surrealist haiku by David Greenslade, derived from his longer project, Rarely Pretty Reasonable, a collaboration with around 30 visual artists. Printed as a landscape accordion fold with cover art work by James Green.


Rhys Trimble – ./fine


Fifth in the LPBmicro series. A 30-page plurilingual microsequence by Rhys Trimble. Printed as an accordion fold with cover image by James Green.

John Maher, rinse tundra special, 2011

“Sometimes maybe you see ghosts on the underground with an empty Costcutters plastic bag, nowhere to go. They are smaller, about 70% smaller than a normal person, smaller than they were in life.” – Burial

Co-dreamer of the Literary Pocket Book, John Maher blasts out a smash narrative from his European tour of Krakow. Cat prose cut with drafty lyric snippets of Brixton, Liverpool, Sheffield, Brecon. A lot of what I write is trying to sound like Maher. But John speaks like this. He lives it. His epistles from the frontier singe my inbox almost weekly. To me he’s like a dubstep Paul Celan. All crackly and glacial. This book renewed my faith in dancing: ‘…to somehow grab a motherfucking spark‘. Shantih to that.

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Read full text at Various Terrains

Integral Scouser of Brixton and big key influence on my writing, John Maher has put together this websized compendium of his phosphorescent solstice themesongs. I highly recommend these pocket-lyric miniatures and prose-epic lantern-shavings of urban ghostdub on a daily dosage. We will never be lonely again.


Allen Fisher – Drawn Rooms

Fourth in the LPBmicro series. A series of 6 poem-images from Allen Fisher, from the ongoing project, Hazards. Printed as a concertina fold with two covers, one designed by Fisher and one by James Green.


Caroline Goodwin – Text Me, Ishmael

Second in the LPBmicro series. A sequence of 5 fourteen-line poems by California-based poet Caroline Goodwin, printed on fold out square pages. Cover image by James Green.


First in a series of miniature origami-fold booklets. Features poetry from Graham Hartill, Kelvin Corcoran, David Annwn, Jeremy Hilton, Steven Hitchins and Lyndon Davies. Cover image by James Green.

The Literary Pocket Book, Number Three, 2009

Includes work by Steven Hitchins, John Maher, John Evans, Darren Coles and James Lloyd.

Illustrations by Marita Forss.

The Literary Pocket Book, Number Two, 2008

Includes poetry by Steven Hitchins, John Maher, John Evans, Jane Fox and Gavin Price.

Illustrations by Marita Forss.

The Literary Pocket Book, Number One, 2007

Includes poetry by Steven Hitchins, John Maher, James Lloyd and John Evans.

Illustrations by Marita Forss.