Bitch Dust (extracts)

dust cult

the coin had a flame

fishing volcano pools

for a meaning of dawn

timber priests

plumbing the fireplace

into his head who first

dug the village out of song

he had to walk the earth

they closed all our mines

we had to walk the earth


later on they would install

the furnace place it

in her bosom get a rock

put it in a cage

name it ore of the runes

between the telephone poles

and the standing stones

she had to walk the earth

they closed all our mines

we had to walk the earth
bitch dust

old bituminous riverroad

abercynon city

original city perpetual city

city of sandstone

great basin drain

of terrace shales

spoil water

rusty weather

sands of glacial ash

cynon fawr cynon

the headwaters cimmerian

captured drifts

confluence instead

neath taff aman mellte

pyrddin hepste cynon

rivers axe the pennant lands

where the rolling mile flowed on

coal-tips ago

glacial caucasus taff

brythonic neolithic train

herodotus iranian side

and thracian the bronze

ukraine tube

merchants open side seams

cynon mile grey opens

the shaley street trap

fog flowed over margaret

and into bituminous herbert

martins of rag we cwmaman

another amphitheatre of mrs land

waterfall quarried

cirque hillsides

houses colliery pennant

solitude fog over abercynon

deep world of toll gates

parish of sinking measures

stone junction

bone bradley’s village

then darkness trail

weather hounds on the ash muds

no ancestral fireclays
myth dust

‘lafar Duw lafar pob mendidyn …a lafar pob mendidyn ys ef lafar Duw’

                                                              – Iolo Morgannwg

into fire lafar       language lava to word

shores rake      their branch-work

cloud root     dampf unpierced     newt-lush-time

mineral forest       flashes       lizard-bark sun

cockroach bare calls       rolled grass-leaf

only noise     skin rattle

river hidden in Duw     as air       Ocean

held you       suspended       solid name

Welsh-mated cloud       fire grain molecules

rake mendidyn       all glow language


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